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 SLIMYONIK® AIR Bodystyler is shortlisted as a Finalist for THE BEST UNIVERSAL PRODUCT AWARD FOR SPA/BEAUTY/AESTHETICS and the BYONIK® Pulse Triggered Laser is shortlisted as a Finalist for The Web Marketing Clinic BEST AESTHETIC TECHNOLOGY AWARD in the in the Safety In Beauty Diamond Awards!


The patented BYONIK® Method combines a trilogy approach, targeting all areas of skin health, providing the cells with an abundance of energy reserves, nutrients and hydration, within all layers, returning the skin to a state of balance following the summer months.   

  • BYONIK® is the world’s first laser which rejuvenates, repairs, heals and protects the skin, from directly within the cells, not just around them, making it the perfect pre or post-holiday treatment choice.
  • The BYONIK® Method includes the application of high percentage proprietary Hyaluron gels; these hydration levels are maintained in the skin for 28 days, achieving long-term hydration and tone.
  • The BYONIK® treatment process protects, preserves and prevents skin damage. The application of dual wavelength non-thermal laser energy strengthens the cells, and in turn stabilises and repairs telomere function, reducing the risk of DNA degradation, even when exposed to UV.

The BYONIK® skincare can provide the perfect seasonal reset to lock in essential moisture levels, quenching thirsty UV depleted skin.        

BYONIK® CONCUR Elixir Ampoules

  • They provide immediate, time-released and long-lasting hydration to parched skin.
  • Assists in the dampening and neutralisation of the appearance of hyperpigmentation.
  • Detoxifies the skin, whilst protecting against sun induced irritation and dryness.

BYONIK® SUPREME Mask & Nightcare

BYONIK® SUPREME Mask & Nightcare instantly increases hydration levels, to soothe, plump and nourish dry sun exposed skin; apply as an intensive overnight mask for skin that feels replenished, supple and hydrated by the morning.

  • Includes a cocktail of botanical lipids, targeted to boost moisture levels and regenerate the skins protective barrier.
  • Aloe vera helps mitigate the negative effects of sun-damaged skin, including dryness and irritation.


Pure Swiss Aesthetics has had an exciting August! We’re pleased to announce our new clinic acquisitions

Nu-Yu Skin Solutions

Nu-Yu Skincare Solutions was founded by Jill Matthews, a renowned Skincare & Beauty Expert based in Sidcup, Kent with over thirty years experience in the beauty industry. Her business has been built on integrity, professionalism and experience and she’s excited to introduce the BYONIK® Pulse Triggered Laser to her clinic.

“I’m excited to announce that I am expanding the Nu-Yu offering further with the introduction of the award winning BYONIK® Pulse Triggered Laser. Its reputation for delivering noticeable and long lasting results had me intrigued straightaway and after experiencing the treatment myself and seeing the fantastic results, I only wish I’d moved forward with this device earlier. I am excited that this will bring fantastic rejuvenation opportunities and an innovative approach to managing skin health for healing and protection when treating inflammation and compromised skins without causing any discomfort, trauma or downtime. Exciting times ahead for Nu-Yu and its clientele!”

Marie Sandford Beauty

Marie Sandford is a beauty therapist based in the New Forest, Hampshire, offering the very latest treatments in the comfort of her client’s own home. She has introduced the BYONIK® Pulse Triggered Laser to her  treatment offering, taking her business to the next level.

“Ever since the BYONIK® Pulse Triggered Laser launched a few years ago it immediately grabbed my attention! The technology is so superior and the results are incredibly impressive from the outset, and the fact that I’m able to offer my clients a treatment that is effective without any downtime is a big hit with me!”

Charmayne Langley at The Skin Clinic

The Skin Clinic founded by Facialist Charmayne Langley, is located in Ely, Cambridgeshire and offers a unique 360 degree approach to finding holistic solutions to skin concerns.

“I have been considering the BYONIK@ Pulse Triggered Laser for over a year now, and really wish I had made the move sooner. It is the perfect device to bridge the gap and incorporate into other treatments giving me a bespoke edge, with its patented gels and pulse triggered laser,  whilst also delivering safe yet, extremely effective results.”

Room 92 – Lynn Taylor

Lynn Taylor, Skincare Therapist, founded her own retreat, Room 92 in Whitstable, Kent in 2008. Since then, she has been dedicated to broadening her horizons in both techniques and products in order to bring her clients the very best that beauty and health can offer. Lynn has just been awarded Skin Care Specialist of the Year 2023 for Kent. She currently offers the BYONIK® Pulse Triggered Laser and from September will be adding the SLIMYONIK® AIR Bodystyler to her portfolio.

“I have been so impressed with the results from the BYONIK® Pulse Triggered Laser and have been dying to introduce the SLIMYONIK® AIR Bodystyler system into clinic for my clients for a few years now! I’m delighted to say from September I’ll be offering the SLIMYONIK® as an addition to my existing treatments – it will elevate the facials to a whole new level, supercharging the skin on a cellular level alongside the body, providing the PERFECT reset for the entire body. My clients will know they are receiving the very best 360 degree treatment available, in fact they are queuing up for it, I need more hands!”


A huge thank you to British Influencer Peony Lim (@peonylim) for posting about her incredible facial at Lisa Franklin Clinic Privé using the BYONIK® Pulse Triggered Laser. 

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