We would like to introduce two new clinics, Skin Solutions by Deborah, near Winchester
and The Village Spa in Caterham.

Skin Solutions by Deborah

A very warm welcome to Skin Solutions by Deborah, one of the latest clinics to offer BYONIK® Pulse Triggered Laser to its clients.  This newly opened skin clinic in the beautiful village of Micheldever near Winchester is the first clinic in Hampshire to offer the magic of the BYONIK®.

Debbie Seymour, owner of Skin Solutions by Deborah, says, “I did a lot of research into the best device for my clinic and BYONIK® fitted perfectly, being non-ablative and using cold laser technology. I can safely treat clients 365 days a year and is suitable for all skin types and all ages, even expectant mums.

BYONIK® fits perfectly with my other modalities, such as micro-needling and peels, and will be a great asset for treating my rosacea, acne and pigmentation clients due to the healing and repairing element of the device. I am looking forward to bringing BYONIK® to the clinic and treating my clients.”

The Village Spa

This clinic celebrated their 20th anniversary last year and continue to strive to be at the forefront of the industry offering clients the best treatments and technology available. We are delighted The Village Spa is a Duo Elite destination clinic, offering both the BYONIK® and SLIMYONIK® treatments.

Marie Watmore, Owner of the Village Spa says, “When I came across BYONIK®, I realised that we could achieve aesthetic results in a really relaxed and painless way, that would be suitable for even the most nervous of clients. This concept blew my mind as many clients do not want the downtime or an uncomfortable treatment on the skin. The BYONIK® laser facial is tailored to you as it reads your heart’s unique pulse, so the device is working on a new cellular level with incredible results even after just one treatment!

A SLIMYONIK® AIR Bodystyler offers a body treatment that can be used at the same time as the BYONIK® or other treatments, offering aesthetic-driven results as well as detoxification, lymphatic drainage, relaxation and much more. I’m really excited to be able to offer a complete top-to-toe treatment. We have chosen to go down the route of a wellness experience, including the face and body because our concerns on our face sometimes come from much deeper issues – so let’s detoxify from within at the same time!

So excited to join the BYONIK® family! For me this is a new chapter that brings my clients the most innovative technology that’s available whilst also creating a wellbeing and therapeutic spa like experience.”


We were thrilled to be part of The Tweakments Guide Live held in London on April 26th. The event hosted by Journalist and Founder of The Tweakments Guide, Alice Hart-Davis was attended by over 300 consumers, curious about the many tweakments available on the market. 

We showcased both the BYONIK® and SLIMYONIK®, and consumers were able to obtain information and advice about the treatments and find out about the clinics offering them. It was such a great atmosphere, with fantastic speakers and experts on hand with the very best advice. 



We are always delighted to see incredible skin health transformations through the use of our award-winning BYONIK® Pulse Triggered Laser.

Have a look at the below testimonials that have been shared with us by some of our clinics on how the BYONIK® and SLIMYONIK® devices are positively impacting their businesses and clients.

We would love to hear from you! Whether you would like to share any testimonials or client case studies – we will be happy to share your journey.

Skin transformation by @Skinbycourtneymelody

Thank you @skinbycourtneymelody for sharing this phenomenal transformation in which the BYONIK® Pulse Triggered Laser was used to strengthen the skin barrier and reduce inflammation. After a total of 12 BYONIK sessions combined with a good skincare routine and 2 SkinPen sessions, the inflammation and scars have almost completely disappeared, and her skin is left radiant and healthy.

ReSkin Skin Health Clinic, Sheffield

Thank you ReSkin Skin Health Clinic for sharing this treatment post on Instagram! Eczema can affect all parts of the body. The BYONIK® Pulse Triggered Laser is used here on a client suffering with Eczema on her wrist.

@Reskinclinic_ said “BYONIK® is the perfect treatment for inflammatory conditions and can be used across the body where needed! This patient was suffering with her wrist, so we used this treatment to repair the skin on a cellular level by targeting each individual skin cell to heal and rejuvenate”.


Top beauty industry magazine The Salon Magazine featured quotes from UK BYONIK® Ambassador Lisa Franklin on the importance of in-depth consultations and how only then they can prescribe the most suitable BYONIK® treatment.\

Influencer @andreacheong_

Top fashion and beauty influencer @andreacheong_ (124K followers) went in to experience the Lisa Franklin Healthy Ageing Treatment featuring the BYONIK®. 
She commented “What I was impressed with, was that my skin looked exactly the same as it does with make-up on. My skin looked clear and glowy.”

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