BYONIK® Supreme Mastercare, a staple skin hero of the BYONIK® range is now available for the first time in the UK!

A nutritionally rich cream which delivers a regenerative care and lifting effect and promotes the formation of collagen, connective tissue and elastin. A 24 hour regenerative solution for mature skins, this cream can be used daily, to rapidly replenish the skin’s hydration levels with lasting effect. The  mattifying formula is rich in phytohormones and red algae extracts to restore critical ceramide levels, and the skin’s protective barrier is strengthened for ultimate protection. The complex ID-L dipeptide visibly enhances firmness and suppleness by supporting the formation of elastin to regain volume and tone. This cream is essential for sculpting and supporting hormonally depleted skins and is a must-have product for skin maintenance and care in between BYONIK® treatments.
RRP £90, 50ml

The new product joins the Supreme family, which boosts the essentials for healthy and happy skin including BYONIK® SEAL, BYONIK® VIEW, BYONIK® Supreme SICCA Control Fluid , BYONIK® Supreme Hyaluron Power, BYONIK® Supreme Mask & Nightcare.


We are so proud to announce two new clinic acquisitions in the UK partnering with some of the most revered Aesthetic doctors in the country. 

Dr Sophie Shotter at her award-winning Illuminate Skin Clinic, Kent, is now offering the innovative, bespoke skin regeneration method, BYONIK® Pulse Triggered Laser which we are super excited about!
Dr Sophie first opened Illuminate Skin Clinic eight years ago with a vision of delivering a selection of the best holistic services that blend aesthetics with wellness, teamed with an unrivalled patient consultation protocol.
“The new frontier in aesthetic treatment is finding ways to change how our cells behave. BYONIK ®is a clinically effective treatment which is adaptable to you – to your skin type and your physiology – and which will help optimise your cellular health in an entirely new way.” Dr Sophie Shotter

BYONIK® Pulse Triggered Laser is the world’s only system that both repairs skin at the cellular level and locks in hydration. It is a non-invasive, patented innovative technology device that uses a three-step procedure to charge up each individual skin cell. This increases the skin’s regenerative capacity and slows the cellular ageing process, giving maximum visible results.

Dr Shirin Lakhani, Medical Director at Elite Aesthetics, Kent has launched the SLIMYONIK® AIR Bodystyler at her clinic, an innovative technology solution that optimises lymph efficiency at cellular level for the ultimate in skin health and 360° regeneration. The device helps support metabolic efficiency, improves gut health, digestion, lymphedema, water retention, and more.

Dr Shirin and her team offer both a holistic approach and the latest innovations for their patients’ needs combining high-tech equipment and detailed assessment consultations to ensure clinical excellence, so the partnership between Dr Shirin’s clinic ethos and SLIMYONIK® AIR Bodystyler works perfectly!

“We have chosen to work with SLIMYONIK® as we understand the overall benefits of lymphatic massage to health and well-being and believe that the device fits in well with our ethos of holistic care.” Dr Shirin Lakhani


Chalk PR is the new Pure Swiss Aesthetics’ PR agency and is eager to hear your experiences on BYONIK® and SLIMYONIK® to support its media outreach which will be to both national and regional press and also through our social channels.  
They would love to see any case studies that clearly show before and after shots both for instant results and the long-term effects of both treatments.  We welcome those in both still image and video format, so that we can share them on the new Instagram Byonikslimyonik_uk channel and Pure Swiss Aesthetics Facebook and LinkedIn channel. 

We would also love to hear any of your client testimonials about why they love the treatments and the results they give, and of course we would love to hear that from you too! Again, we can share these on our social platforms to spread the word of the great work you are all doing with BYONIK® and SLIMYONIK®. We will of course be reposting all your stories as we see them  so be sure to tag us in on all your activity with @byonikandslimyonik_uk.
You can find out more about Chalk PR here


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